Help choose the next UK World Heritage Site

The UK Government is preparing a new Tentative List of natural, cultural and mixed sites for potential nomination for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List, to be submitted to UNESCO in 2011, with a view to putting forward nominations to the World Heritage Committee from 2012.

Inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is an acknowledgement of the truly global significance of such places.  It is an honour and a privilege and can bring social and economic benefits.  Because all World Heritage Sites have to be of truly global importance, the World Heritage List is inevitably very selective and many places of national or even of international, significance will not make it on to the list.

Inscription also carries responsibilities for the protection, preservation and transmission to future generations of the site’s Outstanding Universal Value.  Preparing a nomination and managing sites for the long term are both costly. These commitments should not be underestimated and should be considered carefully before any application is made.

Applications, using the application form, are invited from Local Authorities and others throughout the UK, the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, and will be assessed by a panel of independent experts appointed by Government.  A List will be submitted to Ministers for approval before going forward to UNESCO in 2011.

The closing date for applications is 11 June 2010.

Information retrieved from DCMS


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